Loft Beds TN109

Unfinished poplar hardwood, free-standing & RIGID! Selection of sizes & brace panel colors
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Similar to our TN109 Loft beds, these bunks are sturdy!
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Our loft beds are quality built with pride in North Carolina. The wood is unfinished tulip poplar, a hardwood from the mid-Atlantic & southern USA. The brace panels are finished melamine that complements the wood offering color & safety.

The loft beds include the ladder, safety rail, and mattress platform, but do not include a mattress. The TN109 models conform to the Consumer Products Safety Commission bunk bed standard.

All products come with hardware and easy to follow 3D-view instructions. The only tools required to assemble the loft bed are a Phillips head screwdriver (#3 large and #2 medium), a flathead screwdriver, and the Allen wrench that is provided.